Training Department

TRescoo offers Several paid and free Training Programs to all categories of society and this section includes the following:

Paid Programs

  • Intensive training programs for the employment market
  • Training programs in programming
  • Multiple trainings for employees of companies and institutions
  • Intensive training programs for many specialized fields (Marketing, design, content writing, English language training... And other important technical disciplines)

Free Programs

  • Training workshops for the requirements of the labor market
  • Training programs for marginalized groups in society (illiterate, people with special needs)
  • Community initiatives for cancer patients and orphans

Recruitment Department

The recruitment department is keen to network with local or foreign institutions, either electronically or factually, in order to

  • Finding fixed and non-fixed jobs for skilled people
  • Providing large projects through which more than one category participates
  • People with interests get what they want
  • Providing consultations from experts to beginners in specialized fields